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Hello there!

You’ve reached Festival Tree Care Services on the web. Thanks for expressing interest in our company and what we do!

Who is Festival Tree?

Festival Tree is an upstanding company dedicated to providing quality arbor care to folks both in the local Asheville area and in the surrounding region. Think of us as your friendly neighbors – we’re here to help you!

Why go with us?

If you have tree care needs, then you should definitely go with us. Below, we’ve listed some of the great advantages of enlisting our services. We’ll show you why we’re the best around for doing what we do.

Friendly Service

We might live in the northern Carolina, we’re full believers in southern hospitality. We like to treat our customers as if we would our own kin. This means that you’ll get the best treatment possible from the beginning of you calling us until the last branch is cut. We’re also committed to going the extra mile to help you out. It’s too common that people get in the mindset that they have to be at the mercy of a company. We’re here to serve you. That’s what we do best here at Festival Tree.

A Job Well Done

We said what we do best is friendly service…we must that confess that we’re not being entirely truthful. What we really do best is working with trees. We get a lot of personal satisfaction out of doing a great job on a tree removal or a branch trimming. This is because we’ve made arbor care our passion and our career. We love doing what we do and we get excited every time a new order comes in to the office. We’ll make sure you get the best tree job you’ve ever had, guaranteed or your money back!

Capability and Know-How

We don’t mean to brag, but our staff is unparalleled by any other service in the region. Each and every certified arborist on our squad has extensive training and knows how to handle a tree, branch, or stump in pretty much any kind of situation. To put it bluntly, they’ve seen it all. Whatever you throw at them, they’ll be able to handle it.

Another thing that boosts the capability of our staff here at Festival Tree is the state of the art tree service equipment. From chainsaws to climbing devices, we have an updated arsenal of gear that will ensure that your job is done with the utmost level of precision.

A Job You Can Afford

Getting money has never been easy. In this day and age, it seems like it’s almost harder than ever to make a buck, let alone survive. We know that it’s tough to make and spend money, so we are committed to providing the best possible prices for you. Our rates are competitive because we strive to beat out the prices that they list for the same job.

What are you waiting for?!

We’ve got the best friendliest for the lowest price. Let us take care of your tree needs today!

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