About Festival Tree



Thanks so much for visiting us on the web. Here at Festival of Trees arbor care and services, we value our customers as well as the work that we do.

On this page, we have included a little bit of information on how we got started in this crazy business. We had no idea that we would end up where we are now, but we are sure happy to be doing what we do.

Oh, the places you will go…

An unlikely journey

Our journey to the tree service business started where every likely journey starts — space camp. That’s right, space camp. As brothers of a similar age growing up, we ended up doing a lot of things together. That meant that when my brother got signed up for space camp, mom penned my name down too.

When we got there for a week, we immediately began to explore the woods by the space camp and fell in love with the peace and quiet there. In our down time that week, we began to build a fort out of tree branches and trunks. When we ran out of branches, we stole a hacksaw from the maintenance shed and cut other dead branches off of trees in the woods. By the time we were done, our fort was magnificent. We were inspired.

After both graduating college with business degrees, we decided to put our education to work and started this small company. Our business has been growing since and we could not be more excited. We look forward to working with you!