Pruning Services

An Arborist Cutting Down a Maple Tree Piece by Piece

At Festival Tree, we take pride in offering great branch trimming and cutting services to our customers. Our work in tree care is of unparalleled quality and our customers feel strongly about this. Consider, for instance, what one of our recent customers, Hudson, had to say:

“Last month, I had some branches on my property that were large and growing too close to my house. I was afraid that if one of them fell, it would cause damage to my house and potentially injure myself and my family. The forecast showed that in a few days there was a big storm coming, so I decided to act quickly and get the branches removed. Festival Tree responded just as quickly and was able to get those big branches out of the way safely before the storm hit. It was a bad storm and I’m so glad that Festival Tree was able to help me out and keep me and my family safe. Thanks so much, Festival Tree!”

Service You Can Count On

Here at Festival Tree, we are able to accommodate most every service request for branch trimming. The folks on our staff here have seen it all, so they’ll be able to take anything you throw at them. Here are some major services that are popular orders for us:

Aesthetic Trimming

We all want our properties to be visually appealing from both an insider’s and outsider’s perspective. We’re able to take care of that with our aesthetic trimming services. We also have aesthetic consultants standing by who can give you a free consultation on what branches you might want to have removed on your property.

Obstructive Trimming

Sometimes branches can get in the way of things, such as driveways, roads, and paths. Our obstructive trimming department will be able to free up that space for you in no time.